Needs and News Summer 2017


What a great meeting we had on July 8.  We made great progress on setting up committees and moving forward for the McLennan County Democratic Party.  We have (officially) 50 Precinct Chairs, and over a dozen Grass Roots Organizers.  We formed several committees.

FINANCE/Fundraising Committee will be chaired by Stephen Breck Reid, our County Treasurer.  Other that volunteered to serve on that committee are John DeVries, Dustin Weins, and Lawrence Johnson.  Short term and long term financial goals for MCDP.

OFFICE Administration and VAN Training Committee will be chaired by Susan Kocian.  She is joined by Amber Vargo and Gloria High.  We are looking for more daily volunteers.


LBGTQ– Daniel Haben-Waters will be following legislation and reporting back for action steps.

Women’s Healthcare/Healthcare– Tammie Hartgroves and Bill Gaventa will be keeping us informed on these issues as the legislative year progresses.

Education Policy– Bonny Lesley will be on this important part of the summer session legislative agenda.

Environment/Climate Change/Drought– Candice Prose and Travis Hipp will head up a group to follow legislation that will affect the future of our state and our world.

HOT Fair and Rodeo– Mary Mann will organize our presence at the yearly fair.

Voter Registration Committee– Jackie Rhodes organizes our voter registration efforts and needs lots of volunteers. Voter registration is a 24/7/365 kind of thing.