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McLennan County is home to Baylor University, Texas State Technical College, and McLennan Community College. Waco is the largest city in McLennan County, with surrounding communities including, West, Lorena, China Spring, Hewitt, McGregor, Woodway, Speegleville, Robinson, Axtell, and many other great areas. McLennan County boasts Cameron Park, which is one of the largest and best municipal parks in the country.

The McLennan County Democratic Party has strived to always put forward the best candidates for McLennan County. We look for candidates who will fight to better McLennan County as a whole and who value hard work, integrity, a great education, small businesses, safety and protections, our military and public servants, and access to quality affordable health care for all. We promote a better standard of living by helping our community in various service and fundraising efforts for those in need.

Contact the McLennan County Democratic Party Chair, Mary Duty, via email at wacodemocrat@gmail.com

Contact the McLennan County Democratic Party Executive Director, Kelly McDonald, via email at kellymcdonald6@gmail.com

McLennan County Democratic Party mailing address is:  P.O.Box 23488, Waco TX, 76702

Office:  512 Franklin Ave. in Waco  254-339-4933


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